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The academic kids are just a little behind where my honors kids are currently – they just need a bit more time to absorb, practice and really pull all the concepts together. Anyone that’s taught Algebra 2 knows that the rational functions unit can be a challenge for students – “WHAT Fractions with letters in them!

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So, as I was starting the rational expressions unit with my academic class, I …

October 2014 I Speak Math

Math in the Middle Made 4 Math #3- Feeling Lucky!

Like, take two numbers whose change is 7, say 0C and 7C.

October 2014 I Speak Math

And this verifies the consistency of our example that we tried earlier. Does this sun shade keep our vehicles up to 7C (12.6F) cooler, or 44F cooler? [1] This can be changed from an algebra problem to a calculus problem rather nicely.

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